February 2009: Oh No, History Repeat Itself !

Miraculously I have got my ‘next destination‘ this month. A better change that I have put it in my wish list years ago. I cannot tell you the detail, because one and another reason that I will tell you later.

Why miracle ?,  first: because this wish has slipped out of my mind nowadays, second: it was given unexpextedly, and the third: History repeat itself !.

It is not a dejavu I think. It is just repeat. How can I tell you …

Once, God saved me from a situation where I did not agree with ‘project leader’ because if I continue, then my professional prediction:  it won’t be able to work and will result a major loss. But they insisted the project to go on and disobey the term & condition I gave.

I could not go that way. I did not want to be a part of  the cause. Then God saved me. I was picked and put on a new place a new destination. A year later, after putting in two other project manager, they close the project and report some loss. OMG !.

Today, the History repeated !. Again – I found some leak in a plan and have report it that there will be a greater loss when we dont make an anticipation action soon. But it was t rejected and the plan still continue that way. What a shame !. Even everybody agree to the analisys but nobody dare to tell the truth to the ‘project leader’. They said ‘we’ll wait until last year and see how it happen’.

Now you know why they called me ‘Alien’. I am the one that speak.

If Napoleon said : “courage is like love. it must have hope for mounishment’, then I said : ‘courages come from love. They appear because you love‘. And the one have love is the one that live a life. Means that other not live. Die. But life. Zombies. Yes. Again….

It is better to be an Alien than a Zombie. Alien has love.

This time God pick me again and put me in a save and beautiful place.

I can only hope and pray, that my analisys is wrong and I am the stupid one. And I do not want to the history to repeat : my worries proven, which more people will suffer the damage.


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